What Do Guys Check Out First?

Human beings are visual creatures, and first impressions are often drawn from initial observations. When it comes to attraction or curiosity, people, irrespective of gender, tend to notice certain features or qualities before others. But what exactly do guys tend to check out first? Here’s an exploration based on various surveys and psychological studies.

The Science of First Impressions

The first few seconds of meeting someone can be incredibly impactful. Within this short timeframe, individuals quickly and subconsciously assess numerous attributes, from attractiveness and trustworthiness to potential compatibility.

Top Features Men Notice


Often touted as the windows to the soul, eyes are one of the first things many guys notice. The color, shape, and expressiveness of one’s eyes can convey emotions, intentions, and even personality traits.


A genuine smile can light up a face and draw people in. The act of smiling can convey friendliness, warmth, and approachability, making it a crucial feature that many men notice early on.


The length, color, style, and health of hair play a significant role in initial observations. Hair can indicate personal style, grooming habits, and even health.

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The way one carries themselves speaks volumes. A confident posture can suggest self-assuredness and comfort in one’s skin, while a slouched stance may indicate the opposite.

Beyond Physical Attributes

Demeanor and Vibe

While physical features are certainly eye-catching, the overall demeanor or vibe a person radiates can be equally, if not more, magnetic. This includes their energy, the way they engage with others, and their overall presence in a space.

Voice and Communication Style

How someone communicates, their tone of voice, clarity, and even the topics they choose to discuss can make a lasting impression and significantly influence perceptions.

Attire and Style

Clothing choices, accessories, and overall personal style can provide insights into a person’s personality, preferences, and even their lifestyle.

While there are common features and attributes that many guys might notice first, it’s essential to understand that every individual has unique preferences and perspectives. What one person finds captivating might be different for someone else. Ultimately, attraction and interest are multifaceted, encompassing both physical features and intangible qualities. In the dance of human connection, it’s the blend of these elements that crafts the enchanting tapestry of interpersonal relationships.

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