How Do You Know It’s Love?

Love is an age-old enigma, a feeling that has been written about, sung about, and philosophized about for centuries. Yet, when one experiences it firsthand, discerning love from infatuation or mere fondness can be challenging. So, how do you truly know it’s love? Let’s explore the multifaceted signs and emotional depths of this profound sentiment.

Physical and Emotional Reactions

Real love transcends mere physical attraction, manifesting in emotional and psychological responses.

Constant Thoughts

When in love, thoughts of the person dominate your mind. Simple triggers, like a song or a scent, can evoke memories of them.

A Warm Glow

Merely thinking about the one you love can generate a feeling of warmth and contentment, a sensation that feels like an inner glow.

Empathy Towards Their Feelings

Love often magnifies empathy. When they’re hurt, you feel it deeply; when they’re happy, their joy becomes yours.

Behavioral Indicators

The ways we act often reveal the depths of our emotions.

Prioritizing Their Happiness

You find genuine joy in their happiness and strive to make choices that prioritize their well-being, often even before your own.


Love fosters a spirit of compromise. While disagreements might occur, there’s a stronger drive to find middle ground and maintain harmony.

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Introducing to Close Ones

If you’re eager to introduce them to close friends and family, it’s a signal of the significance they hold in your life.

Time Perception

Love can uniquely influence our perception of time.

Time Flies

Hours feel like minutes when you’re with the one you love, signifying a deep engrossment and enjoyment in their company.

Future Plans

You envision a future with them. Whether it’s planning a vacation or imagining life years down the line, they are a central figure in your future dreams.

The Difference Between Love and Infatuation

It’s crucial to differentiate between the heady rush of infatuation and the deeper emotion of love.

Depth of Connection

While infatuation is often surface-level attraction, love delves deeper, cherishing the person’s flaws and all.


Infatuation is fleeting, like a spark. Love, on the other hand, is enduring and grows stronger with time.

Security and Trust

Love fosters a sense of security and unwavering trust, while infatuation can be marked by jealousy and doubts.

Recognizing love is a journey of introspection and observation. It’s a combination of personal feelings and shared experiences that culminate in an unbreakable bond. If you find these signs resonating with your feelings, chances are, you’re experiencing the beautiful emotion of love.

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