How Do I Know If I’m Starting to Catch Feelings?

Emotions, especially those related to romantic interests, can be complex and nuanced. Recognizing the early signs of budding feelings can be both exhilarating and confusing. If you’re questioning whether you’re starting to catch feelings for someone, this article offers some telltale indicators to guide your introspection.

Physical Reactions

Our bodies can often signal emotions before we cognitively acknowledge them.

Butterflies in the Stomach

That fluttery sensation you feel? It’s a classic sign of nervous excitement and could indicate burgeoning feelings.

Increased Heart Rate

If your heart seems to race when you think of or encounter this person, it might be a physiological response to emotional attachment.


Uncontrollable blushing in their presence or at the thought of them can also be a hint towards growing affection.

Behavioral Indicators

Your actions and habits can also shed light on your feelings.

Thinking About Them Often

If they occupy your thoughts frequently or you find yourself daydreaming about them, it’s a strong sign.

Increased Effort in Appearance

Making an extra effort in dressing up when you know you’ll see them or hoping to bump into them inadvertently indicates a desire to impress.

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Stalking Online Profiles

Checking their social media profiles, liking their pictures, or being overly curious about their online activity can be signs of growing interest.

Emotional Responses

Your feelings towards various situations involving this person can be revealing.


Feeling a twinge of jealousy when they spend time with others or talk about someone else is a classic sign.

Increased Sensitivity

If you find yourself being more affected by their words, actions, or moods, it indicates a deeper emotional connection.

Desire for More Time Together

If you’re always looking for opportunities to spend more time with them or prolong your interactions, your feelings are likely growing.

Seeking Their Opinion

How you view their perspectives can also be a gauge.

Valuing Their Perspective

If you often find yourself considering their opinions or wanting to share your experiences with them, it shows their growing significance in your life.


Being more willing to compromise or considering their preferences in decisions indicates a deeper level of care and attachment.

Recognizing and accepting your feelings is a journey of self-awareness. While these signs can offer guidance, always trust your intuition and feelings. Remember, emotions are personal, and everyone’s experience is unique. Embrace the journey, communicate openly, and enjoy the beautiful process of discovering and understanding your feelings.

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