What Boys Notice First in Girls?

Attraction is an intricate dance of neurochemical reactions, psychology, and social cues. For boys, just as for anyone, first impressions play a crucial role in the dance of attraction. Here, we delve into the aspects of a girl’s appearance and demeanor that boys might notice first.

Physical Aspects


Often referred to as the “windows to the soul”, the eyes are typically among the first things boys notice. Eye contact can create an instant connection or hint at interest, and the eyes themselves—be it their shape, color, or expressiveness—can leave a lasting impact.


A genuine smile is infectious and endearing. Boys often notice a girl’s smile, not just because of its aesthetic appeal but also because it signifies warmth, friendliness, and positivity.


The length, color, style, and even the healthiness of a girl’s hair can catch a boy’s attention. Hair can be a prominent feature, and how a girl chooses to style it can say a lot about her personality and style.

Behavior and Body Language


A girl who carries herself with confidence is likely to stand out. The way she walks, her posture, and how she interacts with others can all showcase confidence and can be very appealing to boys.

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Subtle body language, like the way a girl uses her hands while talking, her stance, or even small habits like tucking hair behind the ear, can be noticed and remembered.


Laughter is a universal sign of joy. A girl’s laugh, be it a soft giggle or a hearty chuckle, can endear her to someone, making it among the things boys notice and appreciate.

Interpersonal Interactions

Listening Skills

While this might not be a ‘first glance’ observation, boys do notice how attentive a girl is in a conversation. Active listening, where a girl genuinely engages in the discussion, can make a deep impression.


Observing how a girl interacts with others, be it friends, strangers, or even wait staff at a restaurant, can provide insights into her character. Kindness and empathy are traits that many boys value and notice.

Voice and Tone

The pitch, warmth, and modulation in a girl’s voice can be captivating. The way she speaks, her choice of words, and the emotions conveyed through her tone can be quite noticeable.

While these are some of the common aspects boys might notice first in girls, attraction and interest are deeply personal. Different boys will be drawn to different traits, and what one person values might differ from another. Furthermore, true and lasting attraction goes beyond the superficial and is often built on shared values, mutual respect, and understanding.

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