How Do You Test a Guy and See If He Likes You?

Ascertaining someone’s feelings can be a puzzle. While it’s essential to approach situations with respect and caution, some subtle ways can help you gauge if a guy is genuinely interested. Let’s delve into some approaches that can help you decode his feelings without crossing any boundaries.

Observing Body Language

Eye Contact

Consistent eye contact can be a sign of interest. If he maintains eye contact during conversations, it indicates he’s engaged and possibly attracted.

Physical Proximity

If he tends to lean in when speaking to you or finds reasons to be near you, it could signal attraction.


Mirroring is an unconscious act where a person imitates another’s behavior. If he mirrors your actions, it can be a sign of rapport and connection.

Initiating Conversations

If he takes the effort to start conversations, check-in on how you’re doing, or remembers small details from previous chats, he might be showing signs of interest.

Spending Time Together

Planning Outings

If he’s taking the initiative to plan activities or outings with you, it can be an indicator of his interest in deepening your connection.

Time Investment

The amount of time someone invests can show their priorities. If he’s willing to spend significant time with you, it speaks volumes.

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Gauging Jealousy

While jealousy isn’t a definitive or healthy sign, occasional subtle hints of it might indicate he cares about you more than just a friend.

His Friends’ Reactions

Teasing or Comments

If his friends tease him when you’re around or make passing comments, they might be aware of his feelings for you.

Inclusion in Group Plans

If you find yourself often included in group plans, it can be a sign that he wants you around and is possibly interested.

Feedback from Mutual Friends

Friends can often pick up on feelings before we vocalize them. Mutual friends might provide insights or observations that could give you a clue.

A Direct Approach

While subtlety has its place, sometimes the best way is the direct route. If you’re comfortable, consider discussing your feelings and seeking clarity.

It’s essential to remember that while these signs can guide you, they aren’t definitive. Every individual is unique, and their way of showing interest can vary. Mutual respect and communication are crucial in any relationship. Instead of solely relying on ‘tests’, fostering an environment where both parties can express feelings openly is ideal.

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