How Do You Know If You Really Like Someone or Not?

Deciphering one’s feelings can sometimes be a convoluted journey, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Determining whether you genuinely like someone or if it’s a fleeting attraction can be challenging. This article will delve into understanding these emotions and help distinguish between genuine affection and a temporary infatuation.

Understanding Your Feelings

Consistency in Thoughts

If someone occupies your thoughts frequently and consistently, it’s a sign that your feelings might be deeper than mere attraction.

Physical Reactions

Notice the physical reactions when you think of or meet the person: a faster heartbeat, butterflies in the stomach, or blushing might indicate genuine affection.

Depth of Conversations

When you’re genuinely interested in someone, conversations tend to be deeper, touching upon aspirations, fears, and dreams rather than just surface-level chats.

Actions Speak Louder

Willingness to Compromise

If you find yourself more willing to compromise or make sacrifices for someone, it could hint at deeper feelings.

Time Investment

The amount of time you desire to invest in someone, be it through conversations, meetings, or thinking about them, often indicates the depth of your feelings.


Feeling a tinge of jealousy when they’re with someone else or hearing about their other interests might suggest genuine affection.

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Distinguishing Infatuation

Short-lived Intensity

Infatuation often comes with intense feelings that fade away quickly. If your interest wanes in a short span, it might not be genuine affection.


Seeing someone as ‘perfect’ and overlooking their flaws completely might be more about infatuation than true liking.

Physical Focus

If your attraction is majorly or only based on physical appearance and lacks an emotional connection, it’s likely infatuation.

Listening to Your Inner Voice


Deep down, we often have a gut feeling or intuition about our true feelings. Paying attention to this inner voice can provide clarity.

Visualizing the Future

Imagine your life with them in the future. If you see a potential long-term scenario and feel happy about it, your feelings might be genuine.

Ask Yourself

Reflect and ask yourself if you miss them when they’re not around or if it’s just the idea of them. The answer can be revealing.

Emotions are complex, and distinguishing between genuine liking and temporary attraction requires introspection. It’s essential to be honest with oneself and reflect on the feelings and actions associated with the person in question. Over time, as you understand yourself better, distinguishing your true feelings becomes more intuitive.

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